Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets UK In 2022

Best Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets UK In 2022

For luxury but practical bedding, you won’t go wrong with Egyptian cotton sheets. They’re prized for their superior softness, durability and breathability, which makes staying in bed all the more enjoyable. Then there are the aesthetic benefits, the material gives you the crisp, clean look often you’ll see in hotels, transforming your bedroom into something from an interior design magazine.


Finding the right set can be hard though, so here's our round-up of the best Egyptian cotton bedding sets in the UK market. To keep the comparison fair, all sets are king size and include a duvet cover, fitted sheet and two pillows.

Egyptian Cotton  Thread Count Price
Marks & Spencer 100% 230 £49
The White Company 100% 400 £284
John Lewis & Partners 100% 400 £144
Bedding Boutique 100% 600 £199
Dusk 100% 600 £255


Marks & Spencer

Thread Count: 230

Marks & Spencer has a wide range of Egyptian cotton bedding and an impressive number of colour variants to choose from. Because of this, you’re sure to find a set that would complement the colour scheme of any bedroom. This is a very budget friendly option and with just 230 thread count, it won’t have the same luxurious feel associated with the higher thread count sets on our list. Though it lacks softness, it doesn’t necessarily lack in quality and could be a good option for your guest bedroom.

£49.50 at Marks & Spencer


The White Company

Thread Count: 400

When The White Company are involved you know the bed set is going to be minimalist and impeccably stylish. They don’t fail to disappoint with this soft yet sophisticated bestseller from them. It’s made in Portugal, exclusively for the brand from a respectable 400 thread count Egyptian cotton fabric and finished with an immaculate trim of densely stitched cord. The set is stylish but the price for 400 thread count is definitely on the higher end, so know you are paying for the brand and not necessarily for additional comfort.

£284.00 at The White Company


John Lewis & Partners

Thread Count: 400

John Lewis standard Egyptian cotton bedding is a great mid range option for those who want to upgrade to premium bedsheets on a modest budget. Made from 400 thread count Egyptian cotton fabric, it’s still certainly nothing to turn your nose up at, and comes in nine gorgeous colours. Note that the matching bed sheet is found on a different listing within their website, from the pillows and duvet cover.

£144.80 at John Lewis & Partners


Bedding Boutique

Thread Count: 600

With Egyptian cotton bedding, higher thread count really does make a difference to how it feels. This is the first set on our list, made from 600 thread count fabric so you’re guaranteed an extra comfortable sleeping experience. The stitched trim gives the set an elegant and versatile appearance, so it’s suited to modern and classic interiors alike. Silky soft material and a price point under £200 really make this bedding set a great option for anyone.

£199.00 at Bedding Boutique



Thread Count: 600

Dusk brings London style and sophistication into your bedroom with this Egyptian Cotton bed linen set. There’s no denying the duvet and pillows have an extremely clean look with premium grey detailing around the border. This is the go-to set for those who don’t get satisfaction from solid colour sheets. It’s also made from 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen, so there’s no question of softness. This is the highest priced option on our list, but is still by no means expensive by premium Egyptian cotton bed sheet standards.

£255.00 at Dusk



That concludes our list of the best Egyptian cotton bedding sets available in the UK. Hopefully this list helps in your search for a set that is right for you and your bedroom. If some of the points have raised further questions, definitely check out our other blogs - when it comes to Egyptian cotton, we probably have the answers!

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