What Makes Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets Better?

What Makes Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets Better?

For centuries, Egyptian cotton has been considered the best in the world. Nowadays the name doesn't tend to refer to where it is grown but instead the type of premium threads produced. But what makes Egyptian cotton different from regular cotton?


The difference between Egyptian cotton and regular cotton

The difference between regular cotton and Egyptian cotton bed sheets is that their fibres come from two different species of plants, both with different properties. Regular cotton is the Gossypium hirsutum cotton species and makes up 90% of globally produced cotton, whereas Egyptian cotton comes from the Gossypium barbadense species. Egyptian cotton sheets are stronger, softer, and more durable and it’s all because the plant species has a longer and finer staple(a length of fibre) than regular cotton.



Why is Egyptian cotton better?

There are two types of cotton fibres - long staple and short staple. As staple length increases, so does cotton’s soft, silky feel and durability. It will come as no surprise then that Egyptian cotton is considered a long staple. But how exactly does the staple length of cotton affect the properties of an Egyptian cotton bed sheet?

It all stems from the spinning and weaving process, where a longer fibre length results in a smoother surface with fewer exposed fibre ends. This means that Egyptian cotton sheets, made with long staple cotton, don’t pill or tear even after washing. In fact, Egyptian cotton sheets actually get softer over time!

Regular cotton on the other hand is a shorter staple, and has exposed fibre ends on the surface of the fabric. This makes regular cotton bed sheets rough to the touch and less durable, but ultimately cheaper to produce hence their abundance.

 Product Image: Egyptian Cotton Bedding Set 600 TC Solid Colour Stitched


Does Egyptian cotton bedding last longer than regular cotton?

Thanks to it’s extra-long fibres, Egyptian cotton is stronger than regular cotton, leading to a more durable end product. Additionally, Egyptian cotton fibres are more porous than regular cotton, enabling fabrics to absorb more liquid and colour in the dying process. The result of the above is durable bedding that remains brighter and more vibrant over time when compared to a regular cotton bed set.

Therefore, while sheets made from Egyptian cotton are slightly more expensive, they will fare much better over time, making them a worthwhile investment. Browse our range of Egyptian cotton sheets and get your first set today.


Do sheets made of Egyptian cotton improve your sleep?

Natural bed linen like Egyptian cotton has temperature regulating properties, which helps you get a better night’s sleep by reducing sleep disturbance from overheating. Because of its increased porosity, Egyptian cotton is more breathable and absorbent than regular cotton. This gives it an edge in drawing moisture away from your skin when you are hot, ultimately allowing you to regulate your body temperature better than regular cotton.



Can you machine wash Egyptian cotton?

Washing Egyptian cotton actually helps to soften the extra-long fibres. This means that the feel of the sheets against your skin will only improve with time. Simply wash on a fairly low temperature(40°C) adding any other items, especially darks. Egyptian cotton is well-known for its superior absorbency, which extends to unwanted dyes!

When it comes to drying, air drying the fabric is really the best method. However, you can still tumble dry Egyptian cotton bedding, as long as you use a relatively low heat. Likewise, iron the sheets whilst they are still slightly damp with the iron set to a low heat.



Hopefully you now have a better idea of why a set of Egyptian cotton bedsheets are truly worth investing in if you value good sleep and comfort. Why not see what styles are available and browse our range of luxury Egyptian cotton bedsheets today!

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